About Company

For over 44 years Benefit & Investment Solutions, Inc has been providing it's clients with solutions that stand the test of time. Our name has stood for Integrity, Stability, Quality and Excellence.

When we began, we believed our clients deserved the best solutions, we still do, and we always will.  Our innovative solutions are born from a dedication to going beyond the expected. We offer creative solutions grounded in a passion of understanding our clients€™ unique needs. It's what our clients have come to expect from us.

A Few Key Points

  • We, at Benefit & Investment Solutions, Inc., try to go beyond the traditional broker role to provide a professional advisory resource for our clients. We create benefit solutions that support our client€™s long-term risk management goals and meet the needs of their employees.
  • In today's challenging environment, executive and employee benefit planning is one of the key factors of business success.  Finding the right mix of compensation and benefit plans to recruit, retain and reward valued employees requires a fine balance.  We, at BISI, try to help you protect your investment in employees and executives and plan for the future, yet maintain control of the economic pressures created by these programs.
  • We begin assisting you by conducting a thorough analysis based on your strategic and financial objectives.  Only then do we formulate a comprehensive program with clearly defined options.  Our combination of superior service, competitively priced products, and state-of-the-art technology helps us deliver the highest quality and value available.


"We want to provide solutions that will stand the test of time."
Harold H. Snuggs, Jr.,
former Pres & CEO

“Benefit & Investment Solutions, Inc (BISI) is extremely knowledgeable, 100% loyal and 100% responsive. The staff of BISI brings the ability to look at the whole picture; balancing cost containment with our goal of making certain our plans can be in place for the long-term. Broker is the wrong word to describe our relationship with BISI. Partner would be more correct.  They look out
for our long-term interest.”
CEO of a valued client

“Benefit & Investment Solutions, Inc. (BISI) is tremendous. They are always there when we need them.  This is crucial in the daily administration of our benefit  plans. The staff of BISI is not only able to resolve issues, but are very helpful in an advisory position. I can’t express enough how much we depend on them for this. This is a stable,
long-term and important partnership for us.
HRD of a valued client